Emergency Dental Care

“I was experiencing agonizing tooth pain. Dr G and staff relieved me of my pain in one visit. Being conveniently located near Palmer I was able to walk there on my lunch break!”
-Anthony Moreno, Palmer College Student and Illinois Air National Guard Moline, IA

Same Day Appointments For Dental Emergencies

“Providing patients with emergency dental care and helping them when they are in pain,” is Dr. Griebahn’s primary reason for being a dentist.  Main Family Dental Care in Davenport offers same day appointments for patients with immediate needs that are looking for a Davenport dentist, a Quad Cities dentist or a Bettendorf dentist that offers an immediate dental appointment for a dental emergency or crisis.

Expanded Dental Office Hours
The Davenport Dentists office hours of Monday and Thursday, 8am-5pm, and Tuesday and Wednesday, 9am-7pm, provide expanded hours for patients who have schedules that are like most of life-not 9-5 everyday or that may have a dental emergency. If you are in the Davenport, Iowa area and have a dental emergency call our dental hotline at 563-323-2571.

Readily Accessible Dentists
The staff’s willingness to help work within your schedule has made the dental office a readily accessible haven for those with dental emergencies. If you need emergency dental care and are in Davenport, Quad Cities or Bettendorf, Main Family Dental care is here to serve your immediate dental needs.

Don’t Go Another Day In Pain
The Davenport Dentists at Main Family Dental Care provide same day appointments in a dental emergency. Call us and provide as much detail as possible about your emergency dental condition. Remember, pain is a signal that something is wrong with your tooth. The problem will not disappear even if the pain in the tooth subsides. If you’re concerned about visiting a dentist for your dental emergency because you have limited or no dental insurance, we pay be able to offer you a convenient monthly payment plan.

Main Family Dental Care of Davenport offers complete dental services for the entire family.
Dr. Griebahn is committed to the complete health of his Davenport dental patients.  His in-depth study of the whole person, including nutritional needs, sets him apart from the mainstream.  He is dedicated to doing what is BEST for the patient, but only when the patient thinks it is the best as well.  He routinely gives alternative treatment and nutritional recommendations based on vast amounts of personal research, giving the patient options that may not have been explored in the past.  He is also committed to providing anxiety-free dentistry, using better forms of anesthesia, and digital radiography to reduce radiation exposure, as well as providing financial alternatives to reduce stress for his patients.