Main Family Dental Care is Child Friendly!

Children's Dentistry in Davenport, Iowa

Looking for a childrens dentist in Davenport Iowa?

Contact us at 563-323-2571 for childrens dental services at Main Family Dental Care.

We are a child friendly dentist guaranteed to make your child smile!

Child Friendly Dental Services

Your Davenport Dentists at Main Family Dental Care are child friendly and we participate in the Friendly Dentist Network.

We know how to set your child at ease so they will look forward to their visit to the dentist.

Child afraid of going to the dentist? We can help prepare your child for their dental visit. Let your child visit the online childrens dentist storybook at the Friendly Dentist

Our Dentists Make Your Child Smile
When it comes to dental services, children need a reason to smile when it is time to visit the dentist. The dentists at Main Family Dental Care in Davenport Iowa will make your child smile again.

Our Dentists are Child Friendly
The Davenport Dentists at Main Family Dental Care are child friendly. We make the process fun and inviting to your child. Your child will welcome their visit to the dentist again when they visit Main Family Dental Care in Davenport.

Our Dentists are the Right Choice
If you are looking for a family dentist that welcomes children, Main Family Dental Care is the right choice. Call or visit us today and see why Main Family Dental Care of Davenport is the right choice for your childs dental needs.

Main Family Dental Care of Davenport offers complete dental services for the entire family.
Dr. Griebahn is committed to the complete health of his Davenport dental patients.  His in-depth study of the whole person, including nutritional needs, sets him apart from the mainstream.  He is dedicated to doing what is BEST for the patient, but only when the patient thinks it is the best as well.  He routinely gives alternative treatment and nutritional recommendations based on vast amounts of personal research, giving the patient options that may not have been explored in the past.  He is also committed to providing anxiety-free dentistry, using better forms of anesthesia, and digital radiography to reduce radiation exposure, as well as providing financial alternatives to reduce stress for his patients.